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Life-Cycle of a Helpdesk Service Request

When a user needs help, he or she can submit a helpdesk service request to the IT department, requesting assistance. A helpdesk service request will go through various phases. As an example, we bring a possible life-cycle of a helpdesk service request. Different cycles are possible, depending on the methodology used.

Phase 1:

The user submits a Helpdesk Service Request. Often, the end user will be able to fill out various fields, such as urgency, category, description, and more.

Phase 2:

The helpdesk service request enters the system (often by entering a database in the organization's network).

Phase 3:

Rules are applied to the helpdesk service request. Examples of rules:

  • If the request is from the accounting department, it automatically receives a priority of low.
  • If the request's category is hardware, the due date should be a week from now.
  • If the priority is highest, the system should automatically email the CEO and SMS the IT administrators.

Phase 4:

The request is routed to the proper administrator. There are different ways to achieve this. Some help desk software packages offers rules to determine which administrator should achieve the request. For example, if a helpdesk service request's category is network, it can be automatically routed to the organization's network expert. Alternatively, all helpdesk service requests could be routed to an initial administrator or team. This first-level support can then reroute helpdesk service requests as necessary.

Phase 5:

The proper administrator receives the request. He solves the end user's problem or provides the support required.

Phase 6:

The administrator closes the helpdesk service request.

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