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Interview for Helpdesk positions

Junior Helpdesk positions do not require extensive technical background, and this is why they are so popular. It is a great way to make some money while you are a student, or while you're building your technical knowledge so you can move up the ladder (to a system administrator position for example).

If you need to conduct an interview for Helpdesk positions, asking the right questions is crucial to avoid later problems, and spending months trying to get your new helpdesk team member up to speed. Remember, the Helpdesk is the one of the most sensitive points of contact between you and your customer! Good questions can reveal the intelligence as well as knowledge of a potential candidate.

Job Experience

The first stage in the evaluation of a potential candidate during an interview for Helpdesk positions is getting the basic information about his background, such as previous positions he held, what were his fields of expertise and responsibility, and why he left these jobs. It is also very important to ask about any training he had in the past, and the level of experience he accumulated. Try to differentiate between real hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge. Even if the applicant had no previous relevant job history, he may still have extensive technical knowledge. IT is all about logic and problem solving Ė you want to know if the applicant thinks in a clear, logical sequence. Asking a general question, like "You pick up the telephone and there is no dial tone", can give you some insight about his logical abilities.

Basic technical background

One method to evaluate a candidate's technical background is by asking direct technical questions. Such questions may include specific questions about the equipment he will need to know for his job, or general technical questions, like "describe the network you have at home" or "my start menu disappeared".

It is sometimes useful to present the candidate with an actual problem on a computer (like pulling the network cable, and saying you canít print to a shared printer).

Helpdesk Call Simulation

Another method to evaluate a candidate is by doing call simulations. This method examines more than just his technical background, but also his ability to communicate with a customer and his people skills. If you do not offer training for new applicants as part of their job, then the applicant should be able to correctly identify at least common problems, and administer proper solutions.

Prioritizing Helpdesk tasks

Trying to find out more about the applicant's ability to prioritize tasks is another angle you may take. Try to ask the candidate to decide which one of the following he should help first:

  • The boss can't access his email account
  • A sales person needs help with presentation due in 1 hour
  • Project manager can't access a network drive during a demo for a client

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