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What is Helpdesk Software?

A help desk is an informational and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers and similar products, according to Wikipedia. This information and assistance if often offered to customers who purchase a companyís software or hardware (external support.) Additionally, some companies staff an in-house helpdesk which handles all problems and issues related to the companyís network (internal support.) When a customer calls a helpdesk line to seek assistance with a software purchase, or an employee calls the helpdesk department to inquire about issues with email, specific helpdesk software programs are used to document the issue from start to finish. Certain helpdesk software can also assist with resolution or allow remote control of the callerís computer to fix a problem.

A helpdesk is a central core where technical problems are received and their solutions are provided to various users. On receiving a complaint, a call ticket is generated. It has detailed information about the customer reporting the incident, hardware and software involved in the incident, past history, and actions taken toward its resolution. The complaint is dispatched to the concerned person and each action taken is recorded. The status of the complaint can be tracked at any point of time. A companyís help desk software can be developed in-house or outsourced, obtain from freeware or open sources, sites, or purchased commercially.

Call Ticket

Helpdesk software generates a call ticket and automatically performs actions such as case routing and acknowledging user/technician notifications. It also generates an automated response for the client. The concerned technicians are informed when a case is routed to them.


Various escalation routines embedded in the system inform managers when an issue is not resolved in time. The complaint and the solution provided are stored in a knowledge base for future reference. Helpdesk software is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system too. CRM utilizes the data collected during interaction with customers to project their future needs.

Knowledge Base Usage

Additionally, software can automate the helpdesk process during after-hours, or heavy call periods. This is a feature often offered online for instant resolution to client situations. After answering a few quick questions, and inputting the situation, the program searches the case base (directory of all previous resolved issues) to come up with a list of resolutions for the client. Knowledge base is the common term for the case base.

A knowledge base has many uses. It can be used by the helpdesk team in an effort to speed up resolution times (centralized access), or it can be directly accessed by employees who can find a solution to their situation, before sending in a ticket to the helpdesk. This is referred to as open access.

Helpdesk Software Advantages

The advantages to help desk software are than clients arenít frustrated with having to re-explain their situation to every representative, or by holding for the person who previously helped them. Customers would much rather speak to a company representative immediately, rather than leave a message for a specific representative to call back. Any representative can give the client a status or progress report at any time.

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