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Help Desk Services

The Help Desk is a one-point service through which problems are reported, escalated and solved. The Help Desk operation management is responsible for the service support level, resources, competence development and all help desk operations.

The users can be from a wide business range, and the help desk can support a variety of software solutions, making the service essential for business while providing good customer support.

Help Desk Service provides the Customer's operational and technical personnel with the assistance needed to solve non-urgent requests that may occur in the daily operations. In addition, the Help Desk Service handles Problem Reports that are reported by customers.

The service

The service is provided to Customers mainly through a call-center facility, ensuring Request and Problem Report administration (logging, follow-up, reporting, and escalation). Technical experts use Help Desk Software tools to technically process the Requests and Problem Reports.

English is the common support language. While other languages may also be supported.

The Help Desk Service usually consists of two main modules.

Remote Access Request Handling

Remote Access Request handling might accelerate request solving by providing the option to log directly into the Customer's' system. Using a remote access solution, which might come with the Help Desk Software solution, makes it much easier to perform the service.

In order to activate the remote access solution, some issues should be taken into concederation:

  • Mode of Connection
    Remote connection should be mutually agreed with the customer
  • Security Issues
    The Security issues should be mutually agreed with the customer.
  • Reporting
    Remote Access actions are recored in case history and reported as part of the case progress report (using Help Desk Software)

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