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Freeware Help Desk Scripts

Freeware Help Desk scripts can help you start up your helpdesk, while keeping initial costs to a minimum. Keep in mind that these free scripts come with an invisible price tag - they usually come with very basic (if any) support, and if you get yourself into trouble while using these scripts, you may find yourself on your own.

Another method some Help Desk Script authors some times use is adding ads to the software package, and by that keeping the price tag at zero. These ads may be displayed to your helpdesk personnel, but that fact is not as important as the fact that the ads may also be displayed to your customers. Usually you will have little to no control over the content of these ads, and some of your customers may even find these ads as offensive.

Some major Help Desk Software vendors offer limited (or even full) versions of their packages for free, so you can evaluate functionality of the system before making a purchase decision. These evaluation periods may vary from 30 days and up to six months, but only a handful of vendors allow unlimited use of their evaluation versions. Real Freeware Help Desk scripts that are also quality scripts are very hard to come by. Free versions of Helpdesk Software are ideal for organizations with fewer than a hundred computers. If your organization is larger, you might seriously consider buying a full version.

Free Helpdesk Software Features

Free Help Desk scripts may come with an array of features, and the most common features include:

  • Get end users service requests via online forms.
  • Sort, search through, and handle service requests.
  • Provide reports on the current status of your help desk.
  • Provide means to communicate with your users via Email, and sometime even SMS or instant messages.
  • Additional features such as escalation, automatic notifications and knowledgebase maintenance.

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