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Welcome to the Help Desk Software Guide!

In any professional organization, employees encounter difficulties with their computers, printers, and other machines. These include hardware breakdowns, software problems, computer viruses, printers running out of paper, and more. In medium to large organizations, an IT department will deal with such problems. The Help Desk Guide discusses how IT can successfully achieve easy, efficient methodologies for this task using help desk software.

Help Desk is a Service that efficiently provides relevant information and valuable assistance to technical and operational staff, providing assistance they need to solve non-urgent requests that may occur in the daily operations of the network. This service is provided to customers primarily through a call-center facility, ensuring case/request administration (logging, follow-up, reporting and escalation). Technical experts carefully process the cases/requests.

Helpdesk is additionally where solid support and/or assistance are offered to a company's user (i.e to help suitably resolve technical problems, answer questions,etc).

Helpdesk Software

Help desk refers to an organization's system of dealing with service requests and error reports. A Help desk application is the tool used by the helpdesk team for customer support.

In small organizations, IT managers may simply receive phone calls about errors. In larger organizations, where errors are frequent, this becomes inefficient. For maximum efficiency, IT managers need to address problems based on priority, not whenever somebody calls.

Help Desk Software helps IT manage, sort and deal with service requests using the most efficient methodology, resulting in lower overhead and higher end user satisfaction.

Internal Help Desk

In some organizations, IT managers will offer support for outside costumers. In others, IT provides support only to employees. Internal help desk solutions serve only the organization itself.

Often, when using internal Help Desk system, employees can submit service requests by logging into the organization's Help Desk Software on their computers.

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